Animated videos

An exciting internet marketing tool use by large and small businesses are animated promotional videos. A promotional video looks like a traditional TV commercial, it will help advertise your business to potential customers. What differs them to traditional TV commercials is that promotional web videos can be used for communicating to your target audience for free. Broadcasting the information can be done easily by search engine marketing, through email and video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Creating this type of video doesn't have to cost a lot of money and can be very simple. Planning is the key to produce a promotional web video that will eventually become a priceless marketing tool for your business.

Create an original experience and engagement that impresses, entertains, educates and encourages people to take action you desire.

Explore how to communicate hard-to explain concepts, products and business stories in a way people will understand easily. Discover how to switch their thinking and make them needing your product or service.

People want hot videos, search engine web crawlers are looking to offer those types of videos. One way of increasing your traffic is to add a sketch animated marketing video. This sketch can also generate 72% higher sales conversion, enhance the probability of getting Google first page result by 53%, make people want to share and double or even triple the time visitors spend on your site.

Attract the attention with a practical technique rarely used by marketers. Sketch animated marketing videos integrate the two methods of response improvement - cutting edge video technology with an original copywriting content - the impact is bigger than using either one alone.

By using this combination, you will profit the advantages of video while truly personalizing your presentation or business story. Your readers will be engaged and will want to take that further step, whether is to take your product for a test drive, purchase your service or to sign up for more information.

Promotional videos

Promotional video is designed to promote your products, services and events. This is a fundamental marketing service that is intended to maximize awareness of your product or service. One way to motivate sales is to outline the selling points by promoting the benefits of your products and services through the use of a video. Being visual when demonstrating your products and services can get rid of preconceptions and highlight its potential in an operational environment.

A promotional video is 72% more likely to influence a buyer's decision than any other marketing material.

No other marketing material has that stimulating and engaging sense towards his audience. To sell a product or service, every business needs a video to maximize that potential.

Soege services will lead you through the production process to guarantee that you are getting everything you want out of a video. Production and editing will be taken care of as well as the distribution of your film into many different applications to maximize the return on your investment.

Benefits of a promotional video:

  •   Increased brand recognition
  •   Motivate sales
  •   Maximize product awareness
  •   Demonstrate Unique Selling Points
  •   Soege services include:
  •   Television Commercials
  •   Product Demonstrations
  •   Business Showcases to show your business in action
  •   Testimonial videos promoting your company through your best clients
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