Social marketing

Do you know someone who has never used Facebook or watched videos on Youtube? If you come from a country where Internet usage is accessible, the answer is probably no. Did you know that over three quarters of internet users go on social networking sites on a regular basis? Companies uses those sites to promote their businesses. Our web marketing agency uses different strategies to increase your online visibility through the various social networking sites and video sites.

Video marketing

video marketing

For a local business to increase more sales , video marketing is something that should taken for consideration. Back then , television was the only way to do a commercial for your company in hopes of reaching the masses but if you were not a major corporation often you would get very little results.Thanks to the emergence of video sites like Youtube , video marketing is now accessible to all the business at a very affordable price and with the right marketing strategy it can be more beneficial than running an add on TV because you can reach people on Internet-connected devices , which gives you a much larger reach than traditional television.With video marketing , companies make short clippings of their product or services and post them to multiple video sharing sites.

How can we help your business?
Here at Soege services not only we can produce a very effective video campaign for you in less than a couple of days and we can also put it on the first page of search engines. According to google , when the average internet user does a research on search engines, he is more likely to click on the video results before the websites. So what does that mean?With our video marketing expertise , we can help you generate more traffic online through video marketing by putting your business on the forefront of search engines so that way you will be able to generate more views and get more business.In less than 30 days , your company can take full advantage of online video promotion.

Social networks

Social networks

In this day and age, social networks are considered a great way to promote your business online. What’s good about them, is that they allow business to easily attract the attention of their potentiel clients by directly interacting with them. For example, with Facebook you can put on your status that you just opened a restaurant and you are offering 20 dollars gift certificates to all of the people on your friends list that comes to suppport you in your new venture.

Did you know that because Facebook as more 750 millions active users and that people spend more time on facebook than google? Even the people at Google confirmed that Facebook was the most popular website in the world.

So what those that means?

Smart local entrepreneurs and major corporations are using Facebook to attract loyals and new customsers through their Facebook fanpage. Having your business on facebook is where the party at.

When it comes to creating a Facebook Fanpage, there are a few do’s and dont’s when it comes to creating a fan page but still, it’s proven that if you have one, you’re gonna be miles and miles ahead of your competition. But having a plain Facebook Fanpage is still not enough because we all know that people are attracted to shiny things. So if your Fanpage is not on point, you wont be able catch the attention of your potential clients within the first 10 seconds and just because of that they won’t even know what you have to offer them.

So we know there’s a ton of people on Facebook but how can a fanpage help your business? Well, essentially what you can do with a fanpage is build your own network of loyal fans. These fans consist of prospects and customers who actually look foward to hearing from you and what you have to offer.

The response you can get with a Facebook fanpage is normally much higher than any other marketing strategies. Sadly, there are a tons of small businesses out there that are doing it wrong when it comes to marketing on Facebook. Most people don’t know that a crappy looking default landing page don’t convert traffic into fans and paying customers. So by going with that route you don`t stand out from the other fanpages and, you’re really leaving a lot of money on the table.

To help you stand out from the crowd, let us build proper custom Facebook Fanpage that can have all the functionnality of a website. By putting your company website on Facebook, the people that lands on your Fanpage will be able to see in details what your company has to offer them. Just because of the look of your fanpage, we are able to confirme that you will get more Likes than if you were to use one of those ugly looking fanpages because you will stand out of the pack based on what we said earlier about people being attracted to shiny stuff.

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